Stretch Mark Treatment

Stretch marks are a common problem thus there are a lot of options available for treatment. The imperative thing though, is working out how you got them in the first place in order to stop more from appearing and choose a treatment. The most common ways stretch marks are caused, are

  1. Rapid Weight Loss – Losing weight to quickly can challenge the skins elasticity
  2. Rapid Weight gain – Putting on any type of weight be it a few too many pounds of fat or too much muscle mass can cause the skin the expand too rapidly
  3. Hereditary – if stretch marks run in the family there is simply no way to avoid them indefinitely but you can manage the severity
  4. Poor Nutrition – You are what you eat! Having a good diet keeps the skin healthy and able to repair itself
  5. Pregnancy – A common problem during pregnancy the belly expands for the growth of your child but too quickly for your skin to handle

The cause of stretch marks could be any one of these or any combination of them. Alas all is not lost, there are treatments available in many different varieties. Such treatments include surgical treatment, over the counter remedies or diet and exercise. Be careful when listening to general gossip about stretch mark treatment, what works for others might not work for you and you don’t want to waste your time and money on something that’s not for you. Perhaps see your dermatologist before taking action.

If you opt for the surgical route, it’s important you know what treatment is available to you. There are numerous types, for example chemical peels, laser surgery or dermabrasion, where the skin is numbed and then scraped. Be careful because there are side effects some people get infections, or can suffer from darkening skin or even uneven colouring.

If that option doesn’t sound appealing to you then perhaps a chemical peel might, this lessens the appearance of stretch marks but can cause some odd skin colours, which will eventually fade with time. This type is not recommended for darker skinned candidates.

The most common treatment of stretch marks are the over the counter creams, lotions and oils. You can get these prescribed by your dermatologist or buy them in most pharmacies. Beware if you are pregnant or suffer from allergies as some can contain chemicals you might not want to apply.

Above all else its healthy to be realistic about your options, there are no miracle cures no overnight successes, most treatment for stretch marks simply lessen the visibility over time. But it’s important to be optimistic and stay healthy in your pursuit of perfect skin.

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